We got a chance to catch up with Night Bass badass, Vanilla Ace, last week.  Check it out below to see how he feels about the current state of the union as well as a curated playlist by the man himself.


Last year, you performed at HARD Summer and Holy Ship, where do you expect yourself to DJ this upcoming year? Is there anywhere you would like to perform specifically?

I’m up for DJing anywhere as long as its fun and the crowd are into good music. I’d love to do Coachella, Glastonbury, Creamfields, Supersonic etc.

What was some of the criticism or praise that you received from your Jet Setter E.P. that you think has helped you as a DJ since its February release?

It got loads of radio play in the UK which is great so guess people were into it. A lot of DJ’s gave me positive feedback.

Where do you see the ghetto house genre headed as one of the leaders in the current field?

Its always evolving. I’m always looking for new sounds and great samples/ideas to use. Creativity is key in pushing any genre forward.

What kind of EP’s or projects do you have in the works that you might be able to tell us about?

My latest release is ‘Beatdown’ with Destructo & Wax Motif, thats out now on Night Bass and features a big remix from AC Slater as well. March 14th sees my ‘Watch Out Now’ EP drop on MixFeed and that features some great remixes from Mason and Thee Cool Cats. I have forthcoming releases on Night Bass, No Definition, Bunny Tiger, Indiana Tones, House of Hustle, Sleazy Deep.

Growing up in London, and touring across North America, how do you feel about the difference in electronic culture, if there is one?

Firstly North America is huge! The UK could fit into Texas a few times haha. But the electronic scene is very healthy in North America, people appreciate it when someone comes into town to play. A lot of the time the smaller cities are the best shows as they aren’t spoilt like the big places like NYC, LA, Miami etc. In London the choice of DJ’s to see on any given night is big. Plus in Europe you have so many genres and cliques competing for a lot smaller country space, techno vs house vs deep house vs tech house etc its mad.

Do you feel that being on Beatport’s Top 10 best selling nu Disco/ India Dance artist the past two years has helped jump start your career? If so, why? If not, what actions from others or yourself have launched your career to where it is today?

It didn’t jump start anything, I was doing well before that, but its nice to have on the resume. Having stuff chart on Beatport is nice but I don’t think its the most important thing. So many labels/artists are buying there way onto these days anyway so its hard to see if its genuine or not. Plus I don’t see my music as nu disco/Indie Dance, a lot of time I don’t mind being in that genre as its easier to chart, its hard sometimes in the ‘house’ genre as your up against huge brands like Spinnin and Ultra. If you listen to the Nu Disco chart these days there is zero originality, its actually embarrassing.

Where do you see your music and your career going in the future?

Who knows what the future holds, I just like to make music that I would play in the club, if it does well and people like it cool, but I’m not here to force a ‘hit’, its a marathon not a sprint…


Each track in this playlist has been hand picked by Vanilla Ace himself, so kick back, relax, and enjoy some baller house music.