Back at it again for the Desert Hearts Spring Festival!

The Desert Hearts crew is back with another round of mind-numbing techno and house. They’ve packed a bangin’ roster full including the likes of DJ HarveyExtrawelt (LIVE), ButchSuper FluManikYokoOAtishJozifHeartthrobPatrice Baumel, Latmun, Joyce Muniz, Siopis, Onionz, Sabo, and you can’t forget the OG squad of Mikey LionLee ReynoldsMarbsPorkchop, and Deep Jesus. It’s all going down at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in Julian, CA, so make sure to pack your dancing boots because it’s about to go down for 72 straight hours.

Here’s what to expect:

If this is your first Desert Hearts rodeo, you’re in for a treat. There’s plenty of live art from artists such as Pixel-Pusha and vendors galore so don’t forget to fill your wallet up before you head over. This round, they’re going to be setting up a coffee shop and social salon to hit hot topics such as sustainability, holistic remedies and natural medicine, creativity, consent, social justice, festival culture, and alternative lifestyles. Anyone can sign up to present on these topics for an assigned time slot, but I suggest checking out the current list to find out what time works best for you to grab a cup o’ joe.

If all that’s not enough to convince you to sell your car for a ticket, there’s also going to be renegade events such as the Wine & Cheese Party on Saturday from 3PM to 7PM. This is just one of the many examples of the Desert Hearts community’s involvement in the overall experience, but there’s also going to be a Connect 4 Tournament, healing workshops, yoga, and so much more. Check the Healing Village schedule here. Also, due to the recent tragic news about LA artist Pumpkin passing in a car crash, they’ll also have a shrine to remember this funky artist by and pay your condolences. Check out the trailer for the Spring Festival here, and we’ll see you there!