Justin Jay goes rock on “Can’t Complain”

Last week, Justin Jay shocked the world when he announced that he had an album titled Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) on the way. The dirtybird revealed that the album would be released as a multi-part EP series on an array of different record labels – a tactic that we’ve never seen when it comes to an album, but so far, it looks like things are going smoothly for Mr. Jay. In addition to the news about the album, Justin promised that he would release a new track each week from now until the summer, giving him the opportunity to individually showcase the tracks on his album and give his fans a chance to understand the creative process behind them and how they are all tied together. He debuted his album with “Weatherman,” a smooth, left-leaning tech-house jam with elements of rock, and today, we’ve got “Can’t Complain,” the second track from Justin Jay’s magnum opus.

“Can’t Complain” features vocals from Josh Taylor and guitar from Benny Bridges, but it’s noticeably different than “Weatherman.” Justin Jay’s newest record takes on a darker complexion, thanks to Benny Bridges’ heavy guitar riffs that are front and center on the track, while still providing just the right touch of groove. Check it out below.

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