In anticipation of their forthcoming album Symptomatic, The UK based Grime clan Virus Syndicate has released a music video for their newest single titled “Gimme the Mic”. Not only is the song itself a banger, the music video adds the extra bit of entertainment value to the lyrics themselves. Sure, the beat itself could have gone well over any scene of a group of people turning up around Manchester, but it’s the lyrics that lends their hands so well to the visuals. Constantly switching characters within the song, there is a progression of story within both JSD and Nikka D’s lyrics. It reminds me of those old Eminem music videos where it was basically him acting out all of the lyrics in visual form, rather than releasing one video that represents the song as a whole. This type of music video is really fun, and Virus Syndicate has proven that they know how to do it right, not to mention the awesome location choices really highlighting the area they’re from and representing. It’s fast paced, weird, and also stays alive from beginning to end. This is no surprise though, because the Virus Syndicate has a habit of releasing dope music videos. Their music video “Virus” was banned recently in the entire country of France. To me, that just makes their videos all the more fun to watch.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Virus Syndicate coming later this week where we’ll talk about their new album, their experiences performing live, and their superhero preferences. Also be sure to check out their other music videos, especially “Virus” which I just so happened to cover a few weeks ago, and you can find here. The album Symptomatic drops in just under two weeks so keep an eye out for more singles and get ready for one of the best grime/dubstep albums of the year.