Alas, the moment has arrived.  The long awaited EP 1749 has dropped. Since their formation in 2010, Lemaitre has captured and captivated electronic fans around the globe with their talented sound.  Unlike a lot of popular artists that flood this genre today, Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund are adamant about implementing the use of both live instruments and electronics.  This combination, and added inclusion of fantastic vocals, has garnered the group much praise among an often criticized category of music.


This time, even more so, the Norwegian duo has held nothing back in their conquest to reach the top of the charts, and 1749 only exemplifies their true rhythmic capabilities.  With the most popular song of the album, “Closer”, having already reached 10 million hits, due to an early single release, that should be a precursor to how the other 4 sound; which, hint hint, is exceptional.  Tracks like “Day Two” include funky cadences that skip hand in hand with absolutely soothing vocals.  The album ranges through phases that go from an introspective thought process to absolute bangers that make you wanna jump up and down.  No song leaves you disappointed or asking for more.  Lemaitre has also collaborated with features that aren’t added as an afterthought, but are fundamental to the final product.  “Closer” brings in Jennie A, “Stepping Stones” has Mark Johns, and “Nishio” gets the ever-popular Giraffage.

With the album just dropping, be sure to check out the streams on Soundcloud (below) and Spotify

Also peep a glance at their upcoming tour dates to see if they’re near you!

Lemaitre 2016 U.S. Tour Dates:
January 29 San Francisco, CA Social Hall **with support from starRo
April 15 Indio, CA Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
April 22 Indio, CA Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival