Last weekend, our correspondents and I had the luxury of seeing Excision play The Hollywood Palladium with Bear Grillz and Figure. 

Did I mention, I absolutely lost my sh*t?

It’s been a good, long while since I’ve been blown away by a show like that; one where the lights, sound system, stage setup, and track list were truly impeccable. This article is less a review, and more an ode to The Paradox and the artists playing on the tour.


Bear Grillz opened the evening while donning his signature outfit—a giant bear costume.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition when a giant teddy bear is dropping straight filth to a crowd of people who were already trashed and ready to go.  He took advantage of a few spotlights, but overall his lighting setup was minimal, and nothing overwhelming. It wasn’t surprising to see everyone getting down, but I’m not sure how many people realized that the sound was barely 1/4 as loud as it was going to be for Excision when the time came.


Figure took to the stage shortly after, and we readied our bodies for some more heavy filth.  He came on with a Star Wars remix that got some blood flowing, although the crowd had no intention of slowing down after Grillz.  We got drumstep, dubstep (w/ a guest appearance from Protohype), glitch hop, and all other forms of face-melting genres, but he took a bit of an unexpected house turn towards the end of his set.  It definitely seemed a little out of the blue for the Terrorvision master, and was only exacerbated by the fact he played RL Grime’s “The Hills” remix.  It was confusing, but the set was dirty overall, so I had little to complain about. Plus, Excision was about to come one—best night ever. There was a good fifteen minutes between Figure and Excision’s sets, and we were shocked to hear the venue playing Cashmere Cat as the intermission music for one of the heaviest dubstep shows of the year.


Excision took to the booth, and, in true Excision fashion, instantly cranked it up to 11.  The LED wall he had in the back stretched the entire length of the stage and was outlined with so many spotlights it would make your head spin. From the moment they turned on the sound the subwoofers began to shake my soul; I was ready for anything.


He went on to play what was quite simply the heaviest set I’ve ever seen at a Los Angeles venue.  It’s one thing to see Excision play a festival set, but combining the entire sound and visual setup at the show, I can’t even begin to convey my experience there.  I watched this giant, morphing, LED-driven monster of a machine run some of the craziest visuals I’ve ever seen in my life.  They all had a fairly darker tone (i.e. skulls, explosions, crumbling cities) that was perfect for the caliber of filth X was dropping.  The Paradox was a dynamic stage setup that incorporated massive LED systems, CO2 cannons, motion tracking, and all the other bells and whistles you’ve seen at electronic music events.  Plus, on top of all of this, 150,000 watts of PK Sound could make a blind man see how absolutely crazy this whole thing was.

The highlight of the night was easily when the Firepower Records master, none other than the boy Datsik, came out and played B2B with Excision during the “Bounce VIP” off of Destroid’s album.  The crowd was going absolutely insane the entire show with some of the heaviest head-banging and largest mosh pits I’ve seen in years.  Simply put, The Paradox is without a doubt this year’s most impressive tour, and missing it would be a crime punishable by a lifetime of FOMO.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of the pics the Insomniac Photo team took!




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Check Excision’s website for upcoming dates, and be sure to snag a ticket if you still have the opportunity.