Less than a year ago, Branko  spent the day with talented South African singer Nonku Phiri and L.A.-based producer Mr. Carmack at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. What they crafted was pure magic, releasing “Let Me Go” as a debut to his LP ATLASBranko set out to translate this encounter into a song by pushing the limits of the kizomba offshoot he likes to call zouk bass.

“Let Me Go” is a unique, innovative track that contain  lush and dreamy synths dancing around a shuffling 90 BPM beat with an organic feel. While Branko brings in a ton of international influence within the song, Mr. Carmack slides in his own R&B flare we know and love.

Now, just a few months after his audience got a taste of his work in ATLAS, Branko released a visual experience along with the melodic jam “Let Me Go” to continue his ATLAS journey into 2016.

Premiered by Vice i-D last week, the stunning visual was filmed in Phiri’s native Johannesburg, South Africa. The video component to the viral track is a sensory overload of body contortionists and bright aesthetic design. Directed by Francisco Neffe, he describes “Let Me Go” as “…a sort of journey to a world of color and movement that could only be found in South Africa.”

The LP has received a must-hear batch of remixes from producers around the world including Kashaka, Dotorado Pro, Siete Catorce, Tony Quattro, and many more, on the ATLAS Expanded Remix LP. Available via BitTorrent bundle, ATLAS Expanded also contains a few other content gems, namely the “Let Me Go” Feat. Mr.Carmack and Nonku Phiri official music video.

Download the Bittorrent Bundle HERE

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