Pusha T released his second solo album, King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude, and effectively stunned rap audiences everywhere.

Here’s the thing about this album, it’s ten tracks, and each track is stylish, meaningful, and imbued with intent. The album shows off Pusha T’s knowledgeable comments on today’s issues. Meaningful lyrics have been lacking in the rap game from popular rappers recently, but Pusha T does the extraordinary with this release. In the “Intro” Pusha T sets the tone with the message, “Everybody so 80’s, 90’s inspired//But none of you niggas 80’s and 90’s rhymin'”. This intro quickly became one of my favorites in recent releases. But he doesn’t stop there. Pusha T immediately catches attention in “Untouchable” rapping “Fuck Donald and his pledge”. It’s quite refreshing listening to a rapper who cares about today’s political turmoil and has intimate comments on the matters at hand. My favorite beat on the album is in “M.F.T.R.” ft. The Dream, that’s a sure-fire banger that will be on every New Year’s Eve playlist indubitably. The hook in “M.F.T.R.” is also live. Perhaps one of the most important songs on the album however, is “Sunshine”. This track speaks to the frustrations, anger, and injustice that Pushta T sees in the world today. “Every truth don’t get told// all these cops get cleared, and live are stole”. He has a lot of heavy lyrics in the song and throughout the whole album. Pusha T also explores his past as a drug dealer in the album. “Keep Dealing” is a powerful creation that helps us feel how Pusha T has felt emotionally regarding the subject and how he continues to navigate that part of his life. “You watched me go through hell, now watch me walk up out it”. Damn.

Overall, Pusha T exceeds numerous expectations, delivering one of the most potent rap albums of the year. I would rank Darkest Before Dawn  among Forest Hills Drive and To Pimp A Butterfly with regards to its top quality lyrics, beats, and attitude. This is not just another album to make money, this is an album that makes a grand statement in a grand way.