Keys N Krates, the Canadian electronic trio has released their highly anticipated and latest EP, Midnite Mass. 

After a series of releases over the last few months, this EP really takes the cake. It’s a six track EP that centers on melodic chord progressions and percussive beats that have consistently set the trio apart from other trap acts. The opener, “Midnite Mass”, really catches the listener’s attention with its countdown-esque beat and faded laugh at the end. “Save Me” featuring Katy B is the obvious anthem in this EP. It plays with lyrical simplicity and provides an upper synth that ensures engagement. Personally, I found “Nothing But Space” featuring Aqui to be one of my favorite tracks because of the heavy bass and longevity of the piece. Overall this six track EP does an amazing job of joining powerful sounds into one cohesive unit.


Check out Keys N Krates EP below and let us know what you thought of the release in the comment section below.

The trio will also be touring amidst the release of this new EP, so be sure to visit the official website to learn about a stop near you. With their unique focus on drumming, their live shows are without a doubt some of the more engaging events to attend if you’re seeking something new. If you don’t want to believe us, here’s a quote from the group themselves:

“The Midnite Mass tour is going to be a visual extension of the EP, with everything from the lighting and staging to the supporting acts reflecting vibes and influences that exist in the EP. We want it to feel almost like a religious gathering, cause that really in essence is what rave culture is in a lot of ways.” – Keys N Krates