Anyone familiar with Holy-Ship is aware of the weird antics that a lot of the producers on the lineup will get into during their stay on the festival on the seas. This year was no exception. Fans who happened to be in the cafeteria of the ship right after Jai Wolf’s set were treated to a special performance by the sexy sax daddy himself, GRiZ, and fan favorite duo, ODESZA. No, it was not a back to back set (which would have been just as cool); instead, the bass producers took things a little more acoustic. Baring a bunch of brass instruments, the artists promptly treated the crowd to a horn rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. Obviously just a small highlight from Holy-Ship‘s gnarly journey, it’s still nice to see producers just having fun at events like these. It reminds us that they are just people who are here to party just as much as us.