Christmas may have arrived a little late for me, but it was the loveliest present I could have dreamt of: having the multifaceted Australian producer, writer and singer, Chet Faker play the historic North Park Observatory in San Diego, California.

Having seen Chet perform various festival sets, we had no idea what to expect at such an intimate venue. Needless to say, we were gitty with excitement.

As we approached the venue, we were not surprised to find that the line was wrapped around the entire building for Faker’s sold out show. It exuded an energy that amplified my feelings of anticipation and excitement. I couldn’t wait to lose myself for a full hour and a half to “Built on Glass” and “Thinking In Textures”.


Chet Faker walked out with his band on the North Park Observatory Stage and opened up with “Bend”.

Right away, I noticed how comfortable and expressive Chet was on stage. He spent his set jumping from his keyboard to a guitar, piano, mixer and mic. With his hour and a half set time, he was able to play his more intimate songs that you’d never catch during a shorter festival set.


Halfway through his set, Chet said the following, “I’ve been playing this song for over 5 years and it’s going to be the last time I’m going to play it for a while.” Immediately I knew it was “No Diggity”He insisted that EVERYONE put their phones away and genuinely enjoy the song. As soon as Chet began his cover of the Blackstreet classic, the energy throughout the theatre lit up. The feeling of nostalgia was palpable as everyone started singing and grooving away. You know it’s good when the security guards start dancing. Chet then slowly transitioned into his classic track produced alongside Flume, “Drop The Game”. I couldn’t help but admire his smooth foot movement whenever he hopped on his mixer.


Chet decided to bring a special guest out for his performance, Marcus Marr. To be frank, I’ve been mildly indifferent about Marr and Faker’s collaboration but seeing them play “The Trouble With Us” live was phenomenal.

Check out the track here, if you haven’t.

Chet closed the night with Talk Is Cheap on the piano. His sultry performance left the crowd in awe.

Photo: Jesse Gassaway