I just listened to Blackstar when it was released earlier this week, and two days later, I woke up to the news that David Bowie was dead. Blackstar as a last album, and last piece of Bowie’s history will now have a new sense of profundity for all of us.

David Bowie released Black Star on January 8th, and passed away on January 10th. The album is composed a jazz quartet, with songs that contemplate fame, death, and like time and time before, transformations of the body and soul. He was known for his multiple character personas, from Ziggy Stardust to Major Tom to the Goblin King that we grew up watching on our home television sets. And who could forget his cameo in Zoolander? He was and will always be the coolest, most beloved cult star of all time. Bowie charted new courses in the 70’s with his music, dominating the scene with his exploration and fusion of styles into what he called “plastic soul”. Over the course of his lifetime, he released 25 albums and performed countless times. The music Bowie created stands apart from thousands of other imitations and emulations; his voice was one of a kind: rich, soulful, powerful.

Bowie was secretly battling cancer while creating Blackstar and had been for the past months, a surprise to all of us. We will miss David Bowie, his music, his style, but we will never forget the unforgettable legend and neither will the world.