For the final three days of 2015, Electric Sloth was fortunate enough to have the opportunity take part in the whirlwind of snowfall and bass-boosted mayhem that is Snowglobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe. This year, the three-day festival presented musical acts including: Jack Ü, Dillon Francis, E-40, Run the Jewels, Louis the Child, Nghtmre, Hotel Garuda, and many more. Entering the Snowglobe, one is greeted with what is most closely related to a winter wonderland: fresh white snow covering the grounds, decorative fire pits warming up festival goers wearing ski gear, and three stages (Main Stage, Sierra, and Igloo) that housed some of the best musical talent of 2015. In 20-degree weather, wearing soaking wet clothes form Tahoe’s slushy snow; there was no better way to wrap up 2015 than at the Snowglobe Music Festival.

Day One:

The first day of Snowglobe began with Vanic tearing up the Sierra Stage. The Sierra Stage was housed under a white tent with the sidewalls missing allowing people to filter in an out with ease. During his set, Vanic kicked off the festival with an upbeat tempo with crowd favorites like “Make Me Fade” with K.Flay and “High” with Zella Day that created the perfect environment for mandatory dancing, which made people forget exactly how cold it truly was. Setting the tone for the rest of the festival, Vanic brought it all out for the first day of Snowglobe 2015.

Nghtmre: Following Vanic in the Sierra tent was Nghtmre. The true Nghtmre fans eagerly waited in the crowds during the 15 minutes between shows. I don’t think there was a 30 second period where his name wasn’t shouted out amidst the crowd while his loyal following awaited his set. Sure enough, when Nghtmre arrived he did not disappoint. Practically controlling the crowd with his heavy set featuring his recent “Street VIP” mix and “Aftershock” with Boombox Cartel, Nghtmre’s set was the perfect follow up to Vanic’s. Giving the crowd a taste of his up coming music for 2016, Nghtmre showcased his unreleased collaboration with Dillon Francis.

Jack Ü: Closing out the first day of Snowglobe was Jack Ü at the Main Stage. Putting on their classic festival acts, both Diplo and Skrillex engaged the crowd to no end. At one point Diplo even fell asleep on top on the table until the crowd could generate enough noise to wake him from his slumber. Carrying that energy, Jack Ü dropped Skrillex’s flip of “Where Are U Now” and Jack Ü’s remix of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. Finishing the set with a fireworks display, it was the seamless send off into a great New Years Weekend.


Day Two:

Our second day of Snowglobe started off in at the smallest but far from quietest stage, The Igloo. Completely enclosed in a tent (hence the Igloo) created a drastically different atmosphere when compared to the other two stages. Rather than facing sprawling crowds, wind chills, and slushy snow; the Igloo was contained, warm enough to shed one’s ski gear, and hosted the best talent to keep everyone moving. Zimmer kicked off the second day with his deep and tech house bangers. Featuring tracks off his “Coming of Age” EP created a dream like atmosphere in the sheltered Igloo stage and kept everyone in the tent

entranced to the point where his set ran a good time over the set schedule.

Eric Prydz: Following Zimmer’s mellow yet mesmerizing act in the Igloo, we made our way to the Main Stage to see Eric Prydz act. Despite leaving the warmth of the Igloo, as the sun set over Lake Tahoe Eric Prydz took Main Stage and lightshow and dropped his classic deep house tracks. Showcasing his hit track “Opus” and his remix of “Let Me Feel”, Eric Pyrdz set was left my ears ringing, but in the best way possible.

We did leave the Main Stage early to secure a solid spot of Alison Wonderland over at the Sierra tent.

Alison Wonderland: Alison Wonderland is near perfection. Everyone that surrounded us in the crowd was in love with her, one particularly eccentric individual wanted to marry her and when her set began it was clear why. Being unfamiliar with Alison Wonderland’s music/act prior to Snowglobe, I was unsure of what to expect of the petite blonde Ozzie. Yet, Alison’s set was far from what I had anticipated, in a good way. With heavy trap tracks being dropped combined with her crowd pleasers like Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”, Alison Wonderland’s set was a memorable one.

Cashmere Cat: Wrapping up the second day in the Sierra tent was Cashmere Cat with a mix of melodic trap and chill house. Cashmere Cat’s act was a set consistent waves of heavy bass getting everyone in the Sierra Tent hyped and jumping followed by a section of relaxed house that calmed the crowd. After Cashmere’s set, we left the second day with a strong dichotomy of soothing/mellow acts and heavy trap sets in the Sierra and Igloo Stages with a glimpse of deep house on the Main stage. We were now ready for the third and final day of Snowglobe.


Day Three:

The third day of Snowglobe was the coldest; yet, the most fun. We kicked off the day by hitting up the Sierra Tent to see Superduperkyle, which blew my mind. Firstly, Kyle (AKA Superduperkyle) got crazy with his Afro DJ while they dropped their R&B/Hip-Hop Rap tracks. Getting the crowd rowdy with “It’s Lit” and “Don’t Want to Fall In Love”, the craziness didn’t end until Kyle got a surfboard and literally crowd surfed a good 20 feet away from the stage. Following Superduprerkyle, we headed over to the Main Stage to get a hefty dose of Rap for the day.

Run The Jewels: We caught last 30 of Run The Jewels at the main stage. It’s no secret that El P and Killer Mike have a huge following of diehard fans and the rapping duo did not disappoint with their tracks like “Love Again” and “Blockbuster”. The crowd was not too turnt and rambunctious but people were definitely vibing to what RTJ was putting out there.

Dillon Francis: Shortly after Run The Jewels left the Main Stage, Dillon Francis took control and it was unreal. Francis started out super trappy but soon turned to his classic Moombounce. Francis’s visual displays made me giggle throughout the entire set; plastering his face of Drake’s Hotline Bling video and other ridiculous images. Ending his set with his “Coming Over” collaboration with Kygo was a huge crowd pleaser.

After Dillon Francis we tried to make our way to the Sierra Tent but couldn’t get even get into Slumberjack because it was so packed. Therefore, we went back to the Main Stage for What So Not who took us all the way to 2016. What So Not’s set started at 11:30 and was pretty trappy and steadily built up to 12:00 when the New Year Began. A highlight video for 2015 played in the background of their set for the last couple minutes of the year. When 12:00 struck, fireworks erupted from everywhere and What So Not dropped his track “Gemini”. It was a great way to leave and enter a new year. Right after midnight we made our way back to the Sierra tent to see Louis the Child at 12:05. Only Robby Hauldren showed up, but it was still one hell of a show. It was mellow at first but then moved into typical Louis the Child terrain dropping “It’s Strange” and even an encore with the remix “Body Gold”.


All in all, Snowglobe 2015 was one hell of a time. As one who is not used to the freezing temperatures of Lake Tahoe, Snowglobe Music Festival was the perfect remedy for any and all concerns for New Years –great music, fantastic people, and an overall phenomenal time.