Remix EPs are one of my favorite things about dance music when they are done right. When an artist creates a great track, like Zimmer with “Escape,” it has the potential to be a building block for so much more, and remix EPs give talented artists the opportunity to build upon these great tracks and make them even better. Zimmer has already established himself as one of the most talented producers in dance music right now, and he’s showing off his tastemaking ability now by picking three of his favorite, up-and-comers – JackLNDN, Superpoze, and Durante – for Escape remix EP.

Each of the three artists delivers their own unique take on the nu-disco anthem. The French protege, Superpoze, infuses the original melody of the track with an airy, atmospheric vibe, while JackLNDN delivers his signature groovy deep house. Last one the remix pack is Durante, whose remix walks a fine line as it effortlessly moves between a warehouse track and a melodic anthem.