Rolling back into the Fonda fresh off a night of heavy dubstep, consequent hearing loss, whiskey, and head banging, we were curious to see what night two had in store.  Our necks were collectively wrecked, but it was paramount that we got some raging in that night, so we were hoping for something even dirtier than Friday’s show.  Our expectations were unnecessarily on par with Bassnectar at Red Rocks, i.e. three days, three 2.5 hour sets, no repeat tracks, but we were optimistic about these bass music all stars.  After all, why play two shows a tour stop in small clubs if you weren’t looking to seriously blow away your die-hard fans?  They came on stage about ten minutes late, but the house was primed with a certain energy that made me ecstatic for a second round of dubstep.


Well, we got what we wanted, but it was few and far between the repeat tracks from the night prior.  Sure, our expectations were high, but the first half of their set seemed like an in-depth recap at the beginning of a new show on Netflix.  The crowd was engaged and it was interesting to see them venture into more house-oriented, but it was refreshing to get back to their roots.  Towards the middle of their set, they cut the lights and visuals, and called for some old, old school dubstep.  Hooks and DC went in on it, ditching the Los Angeles set and taking us deep into that grimy London underground scene. We’re talking that Skream “In For The Kill (Remix)” shit riddled with things along the lines of Chase and Status’ “Saxon” that had us losing it.  There was a select few people that were really enjoying this expedition out of the norm, but the crowd as a whole did not seem to be loving it, despite the artistry involved.  Right as they were making the transition out of that act into their newer work, the subs cut out, leaving the room at a loud, but unsatisfying balance for about thirty minutes or so.  By the time the sound was back, they were back on their game and everyone was absolutely losing it.


There was about ten minutes left in the show, and that’s when they decided to pull out the big stops for the night.  You could hear them transitioning into their remix of “Take Ü There” which is when a familiar, high-pitched, enthusiastic voice came over the microphone.  Skrillex hopped on stage and was MCing for them while everyone freaked out.  It was nice to get a boost of crowd enthusiasm that late into a nearly two hour set.  They weren’t ready to let us down, so they followed their Skrillex ordeal with half of Dirtyphonics for their collaborative track “Where Are You Now” from the Somewhere Else EP.  The night ended on a high note for sure, and the weekend felt like an overall plus.  We got some incredibly heavy tracks from past, present, future, and beyond and a case of rave-neck that I’m still recovering from a week later.  Touché Zeds Dead, touché.

Photos by Gino Torian