The current state of Earth right now would be rated by some as “sub-par”. While I don’t wish to go into how I feel about the current social or political climate of our ever changing world run by possible lizard people from another dimension, the boys in UK’s Virus Syndicate sure do. In their new music video for the single “Psychopath”, the message of the video seems to be that we’re all screwed. The video itself is a glitchy, beautiful, mess of news clips and stock footage that highlight basically the worst parts of history and humanity. The message of the video and song obviously being an awareness check for everyone, just reminding the public that this type of stuff is bad. Heavily rooted in Grime, Virus Syndicate has of course produced a dark tune for us that makes you wanna take the streets of Manchester by storm. A beautiful work of editing, it’s a shame that the good people of France are currently not being allowed to view it. It isn’t entirely uncalled for for France to ban both the video and single, considering the tragedy that took place a few weeks back, but it still calls into question the long running debate of how far does freedom of speech extend. If Virus Syndicate were to release this video or not, would it truly make an impact on the political climate of France? Well fortunately for the rest of the free world, you can find the music video for “Psychopath” on Youtube! Also be sure to take a listen to the entire new album by Virus Syndicate titled “Symptomatic” when it drops in 2016.

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