LondonBridge, a native to Los Angeles, has meticulously crafted the 6th installment in SnowGlobe Festival’s SnowTape series.

LondonBridge opens with his remix of “Nottamun Town”, a dancey opening that transitions flawlessly into a club dance vibe with “Classix” followed by “Jigglin Baby”. As it’s finals weeks for a lot of students, and as the holidays approach, this mix is a perfect find for getting in the upbeat spirit of the season. Throughout the mix, it remains groovy and vibing; never settling for any ambient or relaxation tone. This is a hype-up mix for House lovers everywhere. When the mix ends, you just want to keep going. If this installment is any indicator of SnowGlobe 2015 in Tahoe, California, then everyone is in for a jolly good time.

Don’t miss SnowGlobe 2015 and don’t miss out on LondonBridge’s installment of the SnowTape series. Also feel free to check out the other SnowTape mixes on SnowGlobe Festival’s official Soundcloud.