With the release of the underground house-rock fusion track, “Karma,” came a new chapter in Justin Jay’s career: Justin Jay & Friends. For his cross-genre side project, Justin recruited two of his college friends, Benny Bridges and Josh Taylor, and now Justin’s back with an edit of Barnt’s “Chappell,” which features Henry Was on drums, and Benny Bridges on guitar. They introduce live instrumentation to the techno track, adding dimensions of sound, with a little extra grit. Subtle percussive additions, combined with understated effects give the track a fuller sound, resulting in a driving edit which speaks to Justin’s production aptitude. Take a peep at the edit below and get your own copy here.

“With Benny Bridges on the guitar, I saw this techno anthem by Barnt as a way to start messing around with Henry’s crazy drum sounds. We had so much fun making it and even more fun playing it live. With it being the holiday season, we wanted to give it to you guys (especially DJ’s who need an extra jam for those holiday sets).” – Justin Jay

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