The Boysnoize documentary directed by @LILINTERNET was made during the Boys Noize and Boysnoize Records 10 year anniversary tour and has been released to the public. The documentary features appearances from DJ Sliink, Feads, Club Cheval, Miss Kitten, and plenty of others. The documentary finds its beginning in the red light district of Hamburg where Boys Noize first began his career in music and heads all the way to Tokyo.

@LILINTERNET commented that, “the tour was a dizzying journey across the planet, and I tried to convey that feeling aesthetically in the video. This celebration of 10 years was joined by so many people in so many places and the music truly has this unifying and transcendent force.”

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Boysnoize Records have worked with acclaimed Danish headphone makers AIAIAI in the creation of a special edition headphone. You can cop a pair of them here.

If you want to get you or your loved a holiday gift you can both enjoy, then head to one of Boys Boize live shows.

Boys Noize live shows:
12/30 – Melbourne, Australia @ Beyond The Valley
12/31 – Perth, Australia @ The Origin
1/01 – Sydney, Australia @ Field Day
1/02 – Adelaide, Australia @ The Barton Theatre
1/08 – Melbourne, Australia @ Platform One
1/09 – Brisbane QLD, Australia @ FOMO
2/10 – New Providence, The Bahamas @ Holy Ship
02/20 Rejkyavik, Sonar Iceland