On December 19th, the legendary NYC nightclub, Paradise Garage, is making its triumphant return at the Hollywood Palladium for a special night of house and disco that will showcase the magic of the original nightclub. During its decade-long run, Paradise Garage cemented itself as a cornerstone of dance music culture, as it laid the foundation for today’s modern nightclub ethos’ and put the focus of an evening on dancing and the DJ.

Saturdays at Paradise Garage were headed by its iconic resident DJ, Larry Levan, who many point to as the pioneer of garage music. Even today, garage does not have a specific genre, rather it is a style and a sound that can be characterized by what was heard in Paradise Garage in the 80s.

With just one day to go until Paradise Garage touches down on the West Coast, giving Angelenos the rare opportunity to experience this piece of dance music culture firsthand, we’ve put together a list of 5 essential tracks from Paradise Garage. You can still get limited tickets to Paradise Garage here.

Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up (Larry Levan mix)

Levan’s mix of “I Got My Mind Made Up” is Paradise Garage through and through. Funky overtones meet disco undertones on a track that will have you grooving the night away.

One Way feat. Al Hudson – Music

While it was a dance nightclub, Paradise Garage didn’t play exclusively dance, rather it dabbled in all sorts of styles that were popular at the time – blues, jazz, disco, and house. “Music” doesn’t have the feel of a dance track, but it’s got the groove, so it was a hit.

Funk Masters – Love Money

If there was a word that could be used to describe Paradise Garage, it was funky, and the Funk Masters really bring the funk and groove on “Love Money.”

Class Action – Weekend (Larry Levan Remix)

Paradise Garage was open from 1977 to 1987, and at the time, dance music did not have anywhere close to as many genres as it has today. Disco, house, and techno reigned supreme, and Larry Levan was the king of it all.

The Fantastic Aleems Feat. Leroy Burgess – Hooked On Your Love

“Hooked On Your Love” was one of our favorite throwback dance tracks. With a catchy vocal layered over a groovy beat, this was surely a hit whenever it was dropped.