Summer may be over for most, but even in the middle of November I walk outside to find sunny skies and 80 degree weather in beautiful Los Angeles. That being said, there is one thing that keeps summer alive 365 days a year and that is tropical house.  Over the past few months this specific subgenre has taken huge rise in the EDM world and the music has really become a staple for anytime chill vibes.

The man who helped take this music to the next level and beyond is none other than Thomas Jack. This Australian producer has created a blend of unique sounds and vocals mashed together in the most amazing way. Inspired by deep house as well as acoustic rock and jam bands, his songs feature all sorts of instruments performing live over the track. These instruments include a saxophone, guitar, flute and of course piano.  Since summer is technically over, Thomas Jack decided to take his year round summer vibes on the road for the Tropical Express Tour. With only five stops across the US, and some cities with two nights due to the popularity, this exclusive tour is something that should not be missed regardless of where you reside. Clearly this tour couldn’t be done by no…he made sure to bring along a handful of his friends to play alongside with him. Depending on your city of choice you have the chance of experiencing; Bag Raiders, Felix Jaehn, Hotel Garuda, Manny The Frenchie, Oliver Nelson, Oliver $, SNBRN, The Bixel Boys, and The Rooftop Boys.

So pack your sunscreen, toss on some swim trunks and get ready to re-live summer in the chilliest of times (for some of these locations.)

Be sure to find out which stop is closest to you and pick up your tickets HERE!