Fetty Wap and French Montana have just released their latest joint mixtape titled, Coke Zoo via The Mekanics, AK47, and RGF productions. Puff Daddy, Chris Brown, and Lil Durk are just a few of the artists who make guest appearances on the tape. Fetty takes his place on seven out of the thirteen tracks.

Overall, nothing truly stands out in the mixtape, it’s rampant with repetitiveness and contains no enticing rap lines. The worst song, in my opinion, on the entire mixtape is “Freaky”. Featuring Monty, the beat is blank and typical; the music video is stale and I don’t think I’ll ever want to hear Fetty say “YeAah Baby” ever again after listening to him say it at least a hundred times on that track alone. “Whip It” featuring Zack doesn’t stand out as an original. Lyrics like “I’m allergic to broke niggas cause all we know is gettin’ it” make me wonder how many times can you mention this concept in a rap song before we tire of it. Oh wait…  Likewise “Last of the Real Ones” with Zack also sounds unoriginal, the higher synth coupled with the reverb denotes a poor quality sound for my taste. All of these tracks are amateur and sound like they were put together just for the sake of making sound, as is most of the mixtape.

With all that said, there are definitely some positives. “Damn Chainz” featuring Nitt Da Gritt  is one of the freshest beats I’ve heard in a long time. So, Zoo Gang and Coke Boys get a fat point for that banger right off the bat.. Further, “Angel” features Fetty’s signature vocals throughout, creating a positive vibe that contrasts with French Montan’s dirty lyrics: “I’mma hit it from the back till she pass out, White and black, bitch, call it two tone” for example. That’s a nasty piece right there and it’s definitely enjoyable.

But once again, two out of thirteen isn’t exactly impressive. Perhaps in the future we’ll have a better collaboration between the two artists. Check out the mixtape here for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.