Being a Los Angeles native, there are few venues I have yet to experience. Lucky for me, The Mayan Theatre was one of those spots. Not only did I have a whole new theatre to experience but it was going to be taken over by none other than Flume.

Thanks to Red Bull Sound Select and the EPIC concert series “30 Days in LA,” all those in and around the Los Angeles area were blessed with 30 different concerts. For 30 days, every day, these events are featuring some of today’s biggest names in music alongside the most incredible up and coming artists. The Mayan Theatre is a special venue in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The theme throughout the theatre? You guessed it, Mayan culture. From the craftsmanship on the outside of the building to art and various sculptures throughout the inside, this venue had an intimate and unique feel to it.

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Now for the main event…the headliner…a crowd favorite, Flume. This Australian musical mastermind kicked off his set with the huge hit Sleeper and the theatre was explosive. One unique characteristic he brought to the show was his brand new festival-size light show which was hitting all corners of the small theatre. After Flume continually dropped an array of his incredible productions, he brought out Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, as the special guest, for a live performance of Some Minds. Needless to say, the show was an absolute success and all the artists brought nothing but fantastic productions to the stage.


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calendar_instaPhotos courtosey of Red Bull