The all-to familiar PSY has done it again. Releasing another global hit instantly garnering over 900,000 views only hours after its initial release on November 30th.

K-Pop was unfamiliar to most Americans as a source of mainstream pop. That was until PSY released “Gangnam Style” back in 2012. Now, three years later, the man is still going at it. The release of his latest song and subsequent (and very weird) music video will surely hit the top charts shortly.

The “Daddy” music video is perhaps one of the most well-edited and sexually confusing videos to be released this decade. He once again has created a series of dance moves that will certainly hit club dance floors, parodies, and college parties alike. If there is one thing to be said about PSY, the man is truly a genius. He consistently creates distinct videos and sounds that transcend language barriers and cultures alike.

PSY also simultaneously released “Napal Baji” – an equally interesting video with choreography that reminds a lot of Michael Jackson and James Brown. However, this track is completely in Korean and predictably will not see as much air time in the United States. Listen to both below.

Get grooving with your ‘Daddy‘ below.

Disco down with “Napal Baji” below.