Gearing up for a set that is sure to blow some minds and move some feet at SnowGlobe Music Festival, Los Angeles based LondonBridge are leaving a wake of funky jams and grooves. Their newest single, “Jiggling Baby” is a tech house song with a driving baseline that takes you on a magical little journey through a house wonderland. Keeping it simple and concise, the repeated vocals bring a familiarity to the song, often blending into the beat itself. One thing I really enjoy about LondonBridge and most of their other music is the overall fun vibe that comes along with a simple house beat. The melodic bass and off beat claps allow for a more bouncy listening experience, and it really makes you wanna just get up and dance.Make sure to check LondonBridge out at SnowGlobe this December in South Lake Tahoe, they’re definitely a must see while on their well deserved rise into tech house stardom.

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