The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air Records and Tectonic Recording teamed up to release an album that will take you on a journey through time and space. This album marks Glass Air’s first release from someone with no direct affiliation with The Glitch Mob, and it definitely wont be their last.

Jack Gibbons, aka Ipman, hails from rural Herefordshire, a world away from the city-born influences that form his sound. Embracing the luxury of isolation, ‘Depatterning‘ is compiled from two years of recording, realizing a vision of Gibbon’s passion for sound-system music, rave culture, and technology. A self confessed tech nerd, Gibbons built the record experimenting with granular and modular synths, rewiring drum machines and mangling sounds with hardware.

Depatterning showcases Ipman’s incredible bearing on amphetamine laced bass music beefed up with intricate sound design and atmospheric vibes. This twelve track LP demonstrates IPMAN’s diversity of style. Some of his tracks like ‘Regicide’ and ‘Technicolour’ are more fast-paced dance tunes while other tracks like ‘O’ have a more melodic down-tempo feel.

“Most of the inspiration for the album came from purely wanting to make something my own. The challenge for me was to pin down a sonic and craft an entire album’s worth of material out of it, which for me was difficult as I tend to get bored and move on quickly. It feels good to finally be able to share this.”

IPMAN’s album has been out for over a week and has already gotten off-the-charts popularity. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to diversity within his producing, but leaves us wondering what his live sets would be like. Expect to see IPMAN across 2016 festival season line-ups! Stay tuned!

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