It was a warm Tuesday night in San Diego as my correspondent and I made a quick trip over to our old stomping grounds – San Diego State University. Housing the Open Air Theatre, our alma mater is known to host a variety of talented artists weekly. This week it was the British Indie Rock band known as alt-J.

Gracing us with their presence just after 8:45, Jose, Gus, and Cameron took the stage. (Bassist, Cameron only plays with the band for shows.) They began with their classic “Intro“, and the bass kicked in – I could feel my body start to tremble. Noticing Thom still hadn’t hopped on the drums yet, we waited for his appearance. He ran on stage just in time for his cue, as the audience was whisked off into a musical journey. The stage filled with smoke, as heavy strobe lights flashed behind the band members. Their faces shadowed with smoke and darkness for most of the show allowed for a very intimate feel. Opposed by some, loved by most.

Having seen the band a few times before, we noticed a respectable change in their formation, as well as their lighting structure. Various moving LED blocks allowed for a restructuring of the ambiance for almost every song (and even throughout a few of them). If you’ve seen the Leeds natives in the past, you know their songs almost go in line with acts of a play – featuring various independent sections that all tie together seamlessly.

With sporadic shouts and tons of applause throughout, the band’s following was clearly evident as their performance continued. Only having grown since their subtle beginnings at Leeds University – alt-J will continue to be top on Electric Sloths Indie list! We hope to be bringing you an interview with the guys very soon.

Pictures to come!

Set List Courtesy of 91x:

Alt-j Set List San Diego