We’ve kept our eyes and ears on this descendant from heaven, carefully watching him grow in popularity and solidify his style. Space Jesus, the resident of Brooklyn, New York has some exciting news to share with us. This producer just released his new music video ‘Nawledge’, and announced an album that is set to release November 20th. We had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with the biblical legend from space for an exclusive Electric Sloth interview. Enjoy!


Electric Sloth: There aren’t many DJ names that include religion in them, has anyone given you a hard time or thought your name was disrespectful? 

Space Jesus:  Yes, but I pay them no mind 🙂

Would you consider yourself religious?

No…I consider myself in tune with the universe and striving to know her even better.

On your ‘sway in the morning’ mix over a year ago I couldn’t help but notice you saying ”I consider myself more of a producer than a DJ”. Some people don’t know the difference between the two…In you mind what differentiates a DJ from a Producer?

A producer makes music, a DJ plays music. Sometimes DJ’s produce and many producers also DJs – especially when performing live. A DJ is someone who can walk up to any set of turntables and play a set, showcasing mixing and other technical skills regarding the gear that they are using. A producer makes stuff at home. I showcase my productions…I’m not a DJ. Calling myself a DJ would take away from the amount of work and skill it takes to be a turntabalist.

Last year around this time, I was at a Pitzer College house party in Claremont, California and to our surprise you rolled up with your gear and proceeded to spin for the rest of the night. I can’t recall everything of that night, but I did remember you included a lot of hip hop/bounce beats in your set. Have you continued to produce that vibe within your live sets or have you moved into new styles?

I’m always evolving but keeping true to the music that inspired me all along….Check out the album on 11/20 and you tell me 😉

You’ve traveled across the country to play shows with a handful of big name artists, which have been the most influential/ fun to be around during your travels?

I’ve made some of my best friends playing shows- Freddy Todd, Yheti, Supersillyus, Rhriftworks, Bleep Bloop, Esseks. I like real mf’s doing their thing.

We were excited to see you on the lineup for Shambala this year, which we believe brings in a crowd aimed more at your genre of music. Describe your experience compared to other gigs you’ve played. 

It was the best. I’ve never been surrounded by so much kindness and subsonic frequency at the same time. It was a great festival and very live crowd. It’s a pleasure to play such a well-organized event.

If Jesus were to make music, do you think he would be making similar beats? Copy your style?

Jesus wasn’t a follower – I think he would be making his own tasty beats.


We hope this gave you some incentive to check out Space Jesus’ new album coming out Nov 20th on Smokers Cough!!!

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