DJs tease singles and remixes all the time on social media, however, if you follow Diplo, you’ve maybe noticed a howling trap song he’s been playing over the past couple of months. The track also emerged on Pasquale Rotella’s Instagram when Slander dropped the track at Nocturnal Wonderland alongside the track’s now-revealed creator, 4B. The New Jersey rising star jumped in the studio with Parisian heavyweight AAZAR, known for his remix of “Get Low” and collaborative remix with DJ Snake of “Dirty Vibe,” to put their heads together for “POP DAT.”

If you’ve seen any of the videos mentioned above, you understand the magnitude of this track. Yet, the track’s true innovativeness comes from analyzing it as a whole. Broken into three distinct drops, 4B and AAZAR set the track’s anarchic mood with a jungle terror, trap fusion in the first drop. When it comes to the second drop, AAZAR‘s warped and twisted manipulation skills come to the forefront to throw listeners off when expecting a similar drop. Finally, 4B can’t let this track come to a close without infusing some of his notoriously aggressive Jersey club style to leave listeners in awe of the track’s versatility.

“POP DAT” is up for free download via Mad Decent.

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