Steve James has been admittedly silent over the past few months, letting the momentum from his past releases carry him through the end of summer. His smash remixes got him millions of plays over the warmer months, and landed him some of the biggest bookings of his career. He now breaks the silence with a remix of Jasmine Thompson’s cover of The Weeknd’s hit song ‘Earned It.’

Never one to be stuck in a creative rut, Steve James pulls out some tricks we haven’t seen from him in a while. Shying away from a distinctly mainroom sound, he opts for a more laid back and intimate feel throughout this track. The slowed down drums and sentimental piano chords play alongside Jasmine’s voices in perfect tandem. As the main chorus begins to play out, James’ production finesse shines through with massive drums and an uplifting and other-worldy melody. Breathing new life into one of the summer’s hottest tracks, nothing could break Steve James’ silence better than this tune. Download the cover here.

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