Lights are shining, the lasers are bursting with energy, and the bass is vibrating your entire existence. Goosebumps run across your body as you dance under the stars…the crowd sways left and right, perfectly in sync. Safe in Sound Festival in Denver was most definitely one for the books with an outstanding lineup that included Fury, Basscrooks, Dirtyphonics, Terravita, Bro Safari, Zomboy, and the ultimate headliner: Nero. It was located at the 1st Bank Center venue and consisted of soul-crushing amounts of bass provided by PK Sound for bass-loving fans.

Basscrooks started the night off right with a whole lot of trap that everyone loves, setting an even better image for themselves. Dirtyphonics threw in some hard, metal rock with their set creating more of a head banging scene which gave the crowd a variety of music throughout their set. Terravita killed it as always with a similar concept as Dirtyphonics with a focus more on the mixture of electronic music and metal as well. This style of music came out to be very successful, making the crowd go wild. Bro Safari brought things back to the sounds of trap as their set got everyone back to dancing. Zomboy then threw down with a set made up of complete and utter bass destruction, along with a whole lot of new music making it one of the most exciting sets he’s ever mixed. Finally, Nero created a whole new atmosphere and managed to put everyone in awe through the incredible sound and amazing setup. They opened with one of their newer tracks, ‘Satisfy,’ and took over the whole venue with their unique, electronic sound. This performance was one of the best I’ve seen and I definitely recommend seeing the talented trio, Nero, live.