After dominating the electronic music scene and music festivals in 2014, ODESZA is back and better than before. The duo continues to expand their influence in the electronic space with the announcement of Foreign Family Collective, an outlet for musicians and visual artists alike curated by ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. These guys will use their expert ear to launch the careers of their favorite up-and-coming artists.

This is nothing new, we’ve seen the boys from Disclosure do this, as well as many other famous artists. What separates the family collective from the rest is the diversity and immense talent that ODESZA is able to find before the rest. One of which, is a 19 year old producer from Gothenberg, Sweeden who goes by the name Kasbo.

Kasbo’s track “World Away” is the fifth release on the Foreign Family Collective. This is a track that you can tell ODESZA would love. The entire song connotes positive emotion the entire way through and in the end leaves you hanging. “World Away” slowly creep up on you, and drop when you least expect it. Kasbo’s track received 100K plays in the first 24 hours on Soundcloud, meaning you should keep your eye on this young artist and his music this coming 2016 festival season.


Connect with Kasbo:

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