Ever wonder what it’s like to drop acid while being stoned out of your mind? LOUDPVCK’S latest music video for “Lit” will give you a taste. Featuring a multitude of strange, disturbing, and comical clips from the internet’s version of hell, the music video is quite the compilation.

Featuring the likes of Mickey Mouse, Bob Marley, and the Kool-Aid Man, the music video is a trippy as trippy gets. Whether you need a break from your mundane day, or are searching for some psychedelic imagery for your nighttime cloud puffing, this video delivers in spades. Known for their love of all things green and leaf-like, the LOUDPVCK duo continues to provide their stoner fans with items for their weed smoking tool kit. From their full-bodied stoner Botany EP, to this ganja-influenced video, the two seem to have no end to their relationship with Mary Jane. You can check out the video here.

Putting the weed aside for a moment, the duo are also on tour beginning today with different stops featuring mixes from The Chainsmokers and Flux Pavilion. Sounds to us like this tour is going to get, “Lit”. You can find dates and tickets here.

Also be sure to support the duo’s latest EP, Botany, by taking a listen on their Soundcloud.