This past weekend, a few of our representatives had the opportunity to cover the inaugural Dirtybird Campout. Held in Oak Canyon Park, a hideaway nestled perfectly in between San Diego & Los Angeles, this event was one for the books. Given the location, the premise of the festival (which i’ll delve into a bit later), and those who helped put on the event – we really couldn’t have been more excited.

DIRTYBIRD_Campout_2015_1Attending The Do LaB’s inaugural Woogie Weekend just weeks before, I had full confidence this festival would be of equal or greater magnitude. I’m not talking size, either! There is something to be said about events like these, as they are truly unique. Dirtybird Records loyal following and fanbase combined in full force with The Do LaB‘s incredible production and organization led to some of the best times we’ve had all year.


The festival itself was actually really different from anything we’ve ever attended. Given the “Campout” suffix, the event had more of a summer camp vibe than that of a music festival. With events like kick-ball, capture the flag, scavenger hunts (ex of task: “Find Worthy and High-Five him”), slip-n-slides and so much more – it really had much more to offer than music. Even if games aren’t your thing, there was bound to be something for you… Can you say: Sunrise Sets?!

With a more than stacked lineup, music went from about mid-day to 12am then swapped stages to an after-hours stage that featured the likes of Christian Martin, Eprom & of course Claude VonStoke’s alter ego “Barclay Crenshaw”. With unmissable performances like these, we’d party all day, catch a few hours of sleep in the early am and then head back to the music and boogie to the morning.


We’d like to give another shout out to Claude VonStoke and his entire Dirtybird crew for participating with all of the activities and dealing with all us campers! Also, special thanks to The Do LaB for always be on par with all the events they hold.

Photos: Watchara, Amanda McHugh, Juliana Bernstein