Just seven months after the “inception of a new Southern California festival gemCRSSD Festival once again took over San Diego’s Downtown Waterfront Park, a location so ideal for a festival it’ll make you want to cry.

Brought to us by the combined forces of FNGRS CRSSD & Goldenvoice, the festival featured a lineup catering to a variety of genres and musical tastes. Given the festivals stand out Live Stage, if electronic music isn’t your thing CRSSD Festival is still for you. After its second run, it’s safe to say CRSSD is here to stay in San Diego.


Partying at SNBRN

Given the stages proximity to one another we were able to hop around quite a bit and really get a taste for all CRSSD had to offer. Luckily we threw on a little sun block so we didn’t get too SNBRN(t). Keeping it mellow, SNBRN laid down some tropical Hip-Hop remixes intertwined with sexy R&B vocals. After a bit of frolicking in the fountains, we headed over to Gallant for some high pitched live vocal action. Leaving us with their classic “Weight in Gold“, we really couldn’t have been more satisfied with their performance. After a food & bathroom break, we headed back to the live stage for St. Lucia. Originally from South Africa, their lead singer Jean-Phillip Grobler is joined by his wife to make up what we know as St. Lucia. Seeking crowd interaction for “We Got it Wrong”, we joined Jean and Patti (his wife) in chorus for an epic performance.

CRSSD2015-St. Lucia

St. Lucia

Moving along to the City Steps Stage, we caught the mellow trip-hop laden Bonobo set. Unfortunately, it seemed as though there was a sound issue so we couldn’t truly appreciate his set. I was a little let down as this was one of the artists I was truly excited to see for my first time. Heading over to Cashmere Cat b2b Trippy Turtle, we caught their Hip-Hop finale – with far less bed squeaks than expected.

CRSSD2015-Cashmere Cat & Trippy Turtle

Cashmere Cat & Trippy Turtle

Planted in our spot, Tchami took to the boards with a slow intro… He gave us a bit of a prelude to Sunday’s AlunaGeorge performance, dropping one of their tracks. He then proceeded to lay down the dirtiest beats we’d heard all day. I was extremely content to say the least.



Making our way to the last few sets of the night we caught a bit of Zhu’s set. I thought it was interesting to have him play at the live stage but it seemed as though he was accompanied by what sounded like a Sax and some drums. The entire stage was once again cloaked with a screen, in which visuals were projected, but blocked off our view of those actually on stage. It was understandable when now one knew who he was, but given his identity has been released – I found it a bit odd he was still trying to remain hidden from the crowd.

Sneaking away from Zhu for the start of Giorgio Moroder, I felt honored to be in the presence of such a legendary producer. Stepping on stage with a backwards hat, he greeted the crowd with his classic line “My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but you can call me Giorgio”. I felt chills going down my spine. Hoping to hear some Donna Summers, we were hit with Kygo & Britanny Spears. We stuck around for a few more tracks, heard “Hot Stuff” and high-tailed over to Jamie XX. Featuring his classic smoke-filled stage, and rocking his white-button down, the Brit didn’t disappoint.

Day 2 – A day at CRSSD Festival in Pictures:


The City Steps Stage – Mid Day


A fan not enjoying the fountains to their full potential. Put your phone away!


Thats what i’m talking about!


One of the many squads at CRSSD


Fountains to frolic in!


Sunset at the City Steps in San Diego…


The Palms Stage – A perfect hour

Pictures by:

Felicia Garcia
Skyler Greene
Gabe Tiano
Glen Silva