“In order to attain sustainability, we should strike the balance between business, community, and nature. You must feel it. You must believe in it. You must have the spirit of it.”

Upon first glance, it seemed as if another cross-arts festival was attempting to make headway in the music festival industry. Wonderfruit, a socially conscious, eco-friendly music festival with a multitude of other activities when you need a break from the music. Despite the description of the festival being fairly similar to other festivals, something stuck out to me while watching the trailer for Wonderfruit. Located in Thailand, the land was already foreign to me, but the video also provided a curious glance into the diversity of culture and life that exists within the country. While many teasers and trailers seem to have a formulaic style about them, the Wonderfruit trailer seemed to be a genuine portrayal of both land and festival, people and music.

Another novel aspect of the festival is the first two waves of the lineup. Including artists such as Mos Def, Rhye, and Viceroy, the lineup also offers something that I have not seen many other festivals attempt: a showcase of the local and regional music. Including Thai artists such as Greasy Cafe, Boy Thai, and Kidnappers, Wonderfuit offers a unique twist to a popular type of festival.

Wonderfruit seems to be a genuine effort to create a festival that is aware of the space it uses in a withering world. Using locally sourced materials for the professionally curated stages, the festival is more than speaking about out about ecological conservation, it is delivering. On top of the ecological awareness, it is clear that Wonderfruit is also attempting to craft a brilliant exhibition of cross-cultural diversity. Artists, chefs, curators, mixologists, and speakers from cultures across the world bring a level of diversity second to none in the festival circuit.

From December 17 until December 20, the Wonderfruit Festival will attempt to educate the future generation of leaders about social and environmental responsibility. If you wish to become a part of this transformative experience, you can visit Wonderfruit’s website here.


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