The sexy bass head himself, Borgore, just released a brand new EP off of his label Buygore, and it’s a genre spanner that you don’t want to pass up on.

Keep It Sexy opens on “Forbes”, a banger hosted by G-Eazy. The bass in this song really stuck out to me. It’s the bounciest bass in a trap song I’ve ever heard, like an overinflated basketball. Next up on the EP is “Out Of My Mind” featuring PRXZM. Going back to his dubstep days of tracks like “Guided Relaxation” Borgore brings it full force in this song. Definitely check out this track if you’re looking for a classic head bobber. The next song on the album is fun as hell. With a helping hand from Getter, a true hero for bass right now, Borgore lays down a house beat like no other. Dahn Farro let’s you know that “You don’t know a thing about the squad” and then you’re dropped into a fantastic track. Next up on the EP is “Wanna Do”. This track starts slow and quiet, but once it drops it will remind you just who you’re listening to. A minimal buildup pays off on one hell of a drop that’s brutal and fun at the same time. Finally, finishing off Keep It Sexy is “Hella Lit”. As the title promises, it is hella lit. Borgore let’s us all know just how lit he is, and then gets everyone listening on his level. This is a track that I can just imagine completely obliterating a crowd at a festival. No one is ready for that pogo bass that works its way in halfway through the track.

All in all, Keep It Sexy is a fantastic addition to an already flawless discography by Borgore. You can buy Keep It Sexy  on iTunes or stream it on soundcloud.

1. Borgore – Forbes feat. G-Eazy
2. Borgore – Out of My Mind feat. PRXZM
3. Borgore & Getter – My Squad feat. Dahn Farro
4. Borgore – Wanna Do
5. Borgore – Hella Lit

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