It’s always a scary thought buying a $300 or $400 ticket to a festival without ever having gone. Yes, you can check out photos online, but sometimes festivals don’t have every dimension of their experience on the Internet. TomorrowWorld looks to help people get over this by posting photos of all their stage designs today. The Main Stage is the same as Tomorrowland last year and holds the theme The Key to Happiness. Other than that, every stage individually holds its own personality and will be scheduled according to the stage curators like Future Classic, HW&W, Revealed, It’s A Trap!, and much more.

In typical TomorrowWorld one-two punch fashion, the festival also uploaded its trailer for this year’s theme. Following a bird that delivers the key from its previous home in Belgium to now Georgia, we get a taste of the madness that occurs in Atlanta with a fluttering minute of electric video shots. You can check it out below along with the stage design. Tickets for TomorrowWorld still remain for purchase here.











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