Oakdale, CA, August 11 : Consistent with their mission to foster the most unique and potent experience possible, Symbiosis Gathering has initiated a first-of-it’s-kind Art Boat program for its 10 year Re:Union. Taking advantage of the pristine 2,900 acre Woodward Reservoir, custom-built Art Boat vessels will offer participants an interactive aquatic escapade not seen at any other gathering.

Symbiosis Gathering has taken the mutant vehicles of Burning Man and turned them on their head, replacing the barren desert and Art Cars with a lush reservoir, complete with floating art installations and decorated boats to climb aboard. From stationary sculptures, to human and wind-powered cruising vessels, and motor-powered ferries, the Art Boats at Symbiosis will be as diverse as the attendees. Adhering to the principles of co-creation, all Symbiosis community members are welcome to build and bring their own Art Boat. Guidelines, rules, and a registration application can be found on Symbiosis’ website HERE.

Symbiosis Gathering offers its community a multitude of experiences that range from a finely curated musical lineup that includes artists like Nicolas Jaar, Cocorosie, Tipper, and Four Tet, to otherworldly art installations, immersive live performances, diverse panel discussions, yoga, gourmet food, and a slew of participatory environments.

Symbiosis gathers a myriad of cultural creatives within a stunning natural location. Held near the border of the Sierra Nevada foothills, and built around a naturally occurring 5-pointed peninsula. Attendees can literally swim (or boat) between stages to catch headliners. In a crowded market of festivals, Symbiosis has consistently created a diverse and unparalleled experience.


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