We showed up to the NOS Events Center Saturday night with the intention of getting down and dirty with some dubstep/trap legends, but the instant we walked into what was the equivalent of an airplane hangar filled with ravers, we knew it was going to be one for the books. First off, the production for this whole event was mind-blowing for a one-night event; we’re talking about a lighting setup that could rival Bassrush Massive 2014 and enough sound to give Excision a run for his money.  There was nearly 6,000 attendees for this show, and both Safe In Sound and Bassrush did an incredible job of pandering to their target demographic.  That being said, the lineup for Saturday absolutely crushed it; that’s what we were all there for anyways.

We walked in about twenty minutes into NGHTMRE’s set and it was clear that he was intent on setting the bar way early into the evening.  He was slaying with tracks like his recent “Dum Dee Dum” remix, Gud Vibrations, and other trap favorites that really got the energy up.  People were singing along to the acapellas and getting down with some 808s, but you could tell the crowd was really craving the old school, dirty dubstep the lineup promised to deliver.

There was a quick bout of silence before MC Sharpness took to the mic and Bro Safari to the decks, it was a sort of calm before the storm.  The bar that NGHTMRE had set for the evening was quickly matched by the intensity of Bro Safari’s original tracks and overwatch of Sharpness.  For the first half of his set, it seemed like he was sticking to more crowd-pleasing, generic tracks, but he picked up the pace in the second half of his set with some old school bass.  He redeemed himself for the first half for sure, and hearing “Scumbag” live is always a treat.  By the time he got off the decks, the crowd was absolutely primed for Datsik and Zomboy to bring the roof down.


Surprise, that’s exactly what happened.  Datsik left it all on the floor with one of the most ridiculous, low-frequency, wobble-bass ridden dubstep sets I have ever seen.  He had one of the most incredible set lists I have ever seen live that included his “Swagga” VIP, “Brick” by 12th Planet and Protohype, “Bounce VIP” by Destroid, “Step 2” by Laxx, and even his collaboration with Excision, “Robo Kitty.”  They definitely cranked the subs up for this set and I felt every hair on my body vibrating throughout his run.  He’s stepped up his game and went back to his roots more since the last time I saw him, and I can only assume it was for the Safe In Sound Tour.  After an hour of straight head banging to the Firepower legend, it was time to get resurrected with Zomboy.  

Full disclosure, Josh Mellody produces some of my favorite tracks in EDM right now, so I could not have been more excited to see him command a crowd of 6,000 in a venue stacked to the brim in lights and subwoofers.  I was curious to see how this Never Say Die all-star could follow Datsik, but he did so in strides.  It’s no exaggeration when I tell you that he put down one of the most insane sets I have ever witnessed live.  I couldn’t tell you if it was the lights, the sound, the energy of the attendees, or the impeccable setlist, but he destroyed any bar that had been set by the previous acts (sorry boys).  The lasers were flying in full force and the sound was at its absolute maximum.  I unintentionally donned a straight bass face for the full hour he was running the show, and with good reason.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out these clips from the event below.  Let me tell you, anyone who says, “Dubstep is dead,” has never been to a Safe In Sound event.  There’s still tickets available for the upcoming dates (which are also stacked), so don’t sleep on it.  


10/1    Las Vegas NV         The Joint

10/2 Sacramento, CA      Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

10/3    Denver, CO             1st Bank Center

10/9 Tampa FL                TBA

10/10 Boca Raton FL         TBA

10/14 Boise ID                    Revolution Event Center

10/15 Kansas City MO   The Mid

10/16 Calgary AB               Big Four

10/17 Seattle WA               Wamu Theater

10/23 San Jose CA            San Jose Civic Center

10/24 Salt Lake City NV     TBA

10/25 Washington DC        TBA

Tickets and More Info: http://safeinsoundfest.com/