Full of bass and bouncy as hell, Justin Jay‘s brand new EP off of the infamous Dirtybird label is going to make you move.This young house legend in the making is the youngest of Claude VonStroke‘s protégés.

At the ripe age of 22, Justin Jay has produced most of his music out of his college dorm room, which is pretty impressive considering he sounds like a reinvented VonStroke. Jay‘s newest EP, Mom, I Graduated, is nothing short of fun and low down. Overflowing with bass, the 2 song EP is a simple yet effective approach to the Dirtybird aesthetic. The first song “Hit It” is a head nodder with the sexiest whisper you’ll hear on a track all year. The bass makes you wanna stomp, what more could you ask for? “Rain Dance” is the second track off the EP and it goes in perfect conjunction with the first. While “Hit It” relies more on the buildup of the vocals to drop, “Rain Dance” builds an atmosphere where you really believe if you start dancing the rain WILL fall. It’s as if you were listening to some Tropical House and suddenly some bass was added to the song. The kick drum is everything in this song. It puts you in the middle of the jungle and Justin Jay is going to make water pour from the sky. Support this brilliant human being and buy a copy of the EP over on Beatport

Do yourself a huge favor and go see Justin Jay and the rest of the Dirtybird gang at the Dirtybird Campout in October. You can buy tickets here.

Justin Jay social: F/T/SC