It can get pretty difficult to categorize electronic music. I mean, look at the sheer list of genres on this site. Honestly the only thing that connects these seemingly nonsensical terms are the fact that they were digitally produced. I love it.

That’s why when I tell you that Liquid Stranger’s new EP Nomad: Volume 2 is a chilled future-bass trapstep gem, I’m both pushing the limits of genre portmanteau nomenclature and also just barely scratching the surface. 

The first track “Bounce” is a glitchy funk-infused tall drink of water.  It opens with an iconic, Hendrix-esque hand muted, wah pedal guitar, that Liquid masterfully weaves in and out of with a grimy glitch beat. 

Next up, we have “Freefall” which is like a futuristic trap slapper someone put in the freezer to make it safe for human consumption. Dancing between dainty ethereal synth wind chimes and the steady rise and fall of a chunky ocean wave-like bass, Liquid paints a fantastical auditory landscape like no other. 

“Zenith”, the last item on the menu, is the slowest song of the trio but also my favorite. Anchored by a simple bass riff that for me immediately brings ’90s movie grit to mind, it’s punctuated by fat horn fills, and topped off with shimmering piano lines. This is the song your commute/study mix was missing.

In one word,  Nomad: Volume 2, is restraint. Now, I’m not saying this EP is in anyway conservative, I mean restraint like the world’s best fighter holding back his strength so he doesn’t kill the other guy. It’s easy, particularly in heavier electronic music, to go overboard. In a genre that thrives on dirty drops and big hard hitting payoffs, Liquid shows he doesn’t need to batter your senses to get his point across. These are the kind of songs that can melt your face live as well as insert a couple jam breaks into your study sesh. Following the fighter metaphor, he’s like a lean, fresh boxer, pacing himself so his punches only hit at the right time; no more, no less. Efficient.

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