Ivy Levan has just released her brand new single “27 Clubs” produced by none other then Diplo. Alongside this single comes her debut album, No Good, and it is taking over the music scene by storm. Aside from the fact the vocals on the song will serenade you into a state of trance and the beat will have you grooving from start to finish, we have been blessed with a few remixes. Not one, not two, but SEVEN remixes for your listening pleasure.

One of the spotlights of these remixes is from the legend himself, Rusko, who has been in the cut for the past six months, working on something special for his fans. The remix starts off with a fast paced version of the lovely Ivy’s vocals and quickly blasts through the speakers with a unique Rusko touch. Now if you know Rusko you know there is one thing he loves most and that is drum and bass. The drop to this remix gets right into it and is exactly what the true Rusko fans expect to hear.

Our next spotlight goes out to the up and coming Los Angeles duo known as Goshfather & Jinco who just kicked off their first 30-city tour. This remix takes a much different approach from the heavy drum and bass provided by Rusko. The vocals in this remix remain powerful and the beat only compliments the intensity in Ivy’s voice. If I had to describe this specific remix it would be in one word, EPIC. Expect to hear this at your next festival, show, or mix because this has been on steady repeat since its release. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for this insane duo as they make their breakthrough across the United States.

Other remixes of this incredible song are done by Nightowls, CLVY, Oji x Volta, & Riddler. Not much can be said except for you need to hear it to believe it. Every producer’s approach to this song has a unique and incredible sound to it which is why we feel it is necessary to give them all a listen and really see how far different genres of music have come!

Below we have three of the seven available to listen SoundCloud and Spotify will hit you with all seven all at once!

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/65FcxwuFxHwTmQxfEIA6VT?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open


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