Drake and Future most recently collaborated on the album, What a Time To Be Alive. The 11 song record was initially released on Apple Music, but soon found its way on to Spotify and the like. Climbing to the top of the Billboard 200 with ease, and selling 375,000 copies on iTunes in only a week, this album was another hit respectively for Drake and Future. 

As an avid lover of both Drake and Future, I have to say I was rather disappointed in the overall quality of the album. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the album that is truly breath-taking. No jaw-dropping lyrics or beats, and certainly nothing of pressing importance in any social context. Of course we always look for the new banger whenever a new album is released, and in this case I would argue that “I’m The Plug” or “30 for 30 freestyle” will be the most played from the release given their respective sounds. “Jumpman” could also be a contender, but to be candid, I don’t want to hear any of these songs on repeat anywhere. Those songs and the album as a whole are not all they could have been, as Rolling Stone commented “It’s a quickie and it sounds that way: a six-day digital dash in the studio”. I completely agree.  It seems to me that this album was a mediocre attempt at converging two different styles. Future is one of those rappers that has spacey lyrics revolving around drug use and similar themes. For example in “Plastic Bag” Future raps about strippers, late nights, and of course “Whole lot of Xans and we pass them around the table”. The song is fine, the album is fine. But could Future and Drake have taken more time to develop a more sincere and lyrically electrifying album? Of course. Where are the Drake verses that make hype us up and shout “Oh!” When you have two rappers who dropped two of the most successful albums this year, you simply expect a little more. Future dominates the album (as most of the songs on the album we’re created by Future’s producer, Metro Boomin) which makes Drake seem more like a background rapper than the legend he is.

What I took from this album, is that Drake and Future believe they can put out anything and it will sell. They are right.