It starts with a filtered bassline. It ends with a filtered bassline. The second the song begins, one can imagine moving through a crowded European club, with lights swinging and flashing to the point of disorientation.

Let’s be clear, this song is not about complexity, beauty, or emotion. As a song meant to get girls’ hips grooving and guys’ heads bouncing, it is very effective. Simple, with a catchy bassline, “Techno” is a phat song useful for keeping a crowd alive during a would-be lull in a set.

Produced by the founder of HARD himself, “Techno” is a ground-shaking beat that is a new direction for Destructo. Seeing success with his 2014 EP, West Coast, changing directions was a daring move. But, as expected from someone with such high quality taste in music, Destructo’s newest endeavor is ready for the clubs.

You can catch the multi-talented man on his Pineapple Express Tour starting tomorrow, September 25. If you’ll be attending TomorrowWorld, Hard Day of the Dead, or Voodoo, be sure to catch his famous sets.