Yesterday morning, San Francisco producer Justice Skolnik made a MASSIVE name for himself when he set out to remix what was already one of the hottest tracks of the summer.

The original of this song by Gallant has met heights in popularity and publicity. Justice Skolnik saw the potential of this track and tuned it up into a groovy, small room trap masterpiece. Through the beginning of the track it has a chill-wave vibe that quickly escalates into a pace that will get you off your feet.

Gallant deserves a shout-out for his heartwrenchingly beautiful vocals as well as Justice Skolnik for taking this track and slappingĀ his own spin to it. Justice is only at the early stages of his career, however this song definitely serves as a testament to how far he has come and how far he is willing to go.

Make sure you connect with Justice Skolnik below!

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