Electric Sloth had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jordy Saämena, also known as GANZ, a trap artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands. While on his second U.S. tour, we were lucky to be able to see his show in Denver, Colorado at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.

Electric Sloth: Which artists inspire you the most? Did the music you listened to from your parents or when you were a kid have any effect on it?

GANZ: I used to listen to a lot of soul and hip hop. Actually, my dad introduced me to a lot of Motown and CD’s. I used to play the drums about seven years ago and would program my own drums and sample stuff from a vinyl. From Motown, to German Folk, to Dutch Folk, they had the sickest samples and vocals, so I used to start with that.

Electric Sloth: What has been your favorite part about touring the U.S?

GANZ: My favorite part, well, definitely not the burgers!

Electric Sloth: How do you like performing here in Denver compared to other cities?

GANZ: Definitely good! I didn’t know what to expect at first because I’ve never been here, and everyone had told me that Denver was really cool. But, I played, and everybody was still down and enjoyed the new song I released. I think everyone didn’t know much of the new stuff, but I feel like from their reactions that they had liked it. I played all of my new stuff including my classics and older music too.

Electric Sloth: Why did you pick more of a trap/ electro-style feel? Did it just come to you? Or did you experiment a few different genres?

GANZ: I used to grow up with hip-hop and soul, so the first beat I made was more hip-hop. I then switched from hip-hop, to electro, to a mixture of both. I don’t like to define my music with a name or genre because it is not specifically one type of music.

Electric Sloth: How was founding your label, Hard Headed, impacted your career as a music producer?

GANZ: Definitely a lot, because in the beginning, I didn’t want to make what everyone else was making; I didn’t want to make EDM or whats most popular. I used to play a lot of Grime because it was popular in Europe years ago. So, about four weeks ago, my brother and I started the label, “Head Headed”. I want to start releasing more tracks on it and focusing on it some more.

Electric Sloth: I noticed while listening to your new EP, “Dino War”, that your tracks are more electro-style and laid back. For example, your Odesza remix of “Say My Name.” What made you step away from the trap style of music?

GANZ: Everyone wanted me to make what I used to, but I kind of wanted to do something different and step away from it; I only wanted to make the stuff I wanted to make you know? A lot of people were surprised that I put out an EP, which I liked because it was a different style of music and something they didn’t necessarily expected.

Electric Sloth: When making your music or performing it, what does it significantly do for you?

GANZ: That’s a hard one! I love playing my music for people and seeing them enjoy it and understand it. Personally, that is the best feeling to me.

Electric Sloth: Your career as a producer has evolved tremendously over the years with playing festivals and going on a few different tours. What do you plan to do as your career continues to grow?

GANZ:  I don’t actually have a plan. I just play when I like to and make new music constantly and I want to start adding more to my new record label too. I just like to go with the flow and see where my music takes me.

GANZ will for sure be making waves in the trap scene, so follow him below:

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