First Disclosure released “Holding On”, followed by “Omen” and now with the release of “Willing & Able”, Disclosure has generously let us take another glimpse into his soon to be released album Caracal. 

Disclosure has released his latest single, “Willing & Able” from Caracal, featuring a tried and true four on the floor house beat with fantastic simple synths that engage your musical senses in all the right ways. This new single blends Disclosure’s classic deep house vibes with stunning vocals from Kwabs, creating a sinister but gentle house beat that keeps you grooving and singing along the entirety of the track. The music video is a simple combination of yellow and black shadows with Kwabs singing the lyrics as the colors and shadows change accordingly to the beat. In effect creating a highly charming video piece that matches great with the track style.

Disclosure has done it yet again, and is consistently keeping us on our toes for what will surely be a magical album, so keep on the lookout when Caracal makes it debut on September 25h, you won’t want to miss it.