It has been all things fire for Moombahton superstar, Dillon Francis, in recent years. This reflects perfectly on his newest single, “Bun Up the Dance”, featuring none other than Skrillex himself. Both producers are practically the poster children for the American electronic scene, so it seems only fitting to pair them up on a song. The subsequent song of their collaboration definitely met any expectation one would have for it. Dillon’s bouncy bass is ever present alongside Skrillex’s obvious niche for creating a big room sound, and it gives you a sure-fire banger. This being the second single off of Dillon Francis‘ upcoming EP “This Mixtape is Fire“, it promises to pack a whole lot more of a punch once it comes out and listeners can immerse themselves in a pool of Moombahton. The EP, featuring the likes of Calvin Harris and Chromeo, drops August 14 and you can find the full tracklist listed below.


  1. Dillon Francis – “Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)”
  2. Dillon Francis and Calvin Harris – “What’s Your Name”
  3. Dillon Francis and Skrillex – “Bun Up the Dance”
  4. Dillon Francis and Bro Safari – “Pull It”
  5. Dillon Francis feat. James Hersey – “Coming Over”
  6. Dillon Francis feat Chromeo – “Lies”
  7. Dillon Francis – “I Can’t Take It (Party Favor Remix)”

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