We loaded up our cars and set out this past Friday afternoon to experience The Do LaB’s newest event, Woogie Weekend. Based on the cult-classic stage from Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Weekend is a festival that is dedicated entirely to the craft of down-to-earth house beats. Entering the grounds, we were greeted with a camping layout that’s similar to that of Lightning in a Bottle: free-form camps, a dirt area with rough outlines of walkways, and portable toilets on every corner. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we set up camp quickly, cracked a few beers, and ran over to the festival grounds to start our weekend.



Morning Yoga sessions are key to full-fledged festival weekend.


As soon as we adventured out of the campgrounds and into the festival, we rose out of the dirt pits and were met by gorgeous, lush grass from stage to stage. The verdant lawn was both comfortable and aesthetically appealing, making it the perfect complement to the festival. Our exploration of the little oasis that was Woogie Weekend continued on to The Hive stage, where we were met with giant rainbow hexagons and a thumping sound system. The cloth-strung wood pods that surrounded the dance floor definitely gave off a classic, yet unique, Do Lab vibe. We moved on to check out the other stage, The Nest. On the way over, we saw a beautiful little pond in the center of the festival grounds riddled with attendees on paddle boats — which was awesome. Once we got to The Nest, we saw a classic Do LaB stage with the booth from the Woogie Stage (from LiB) in previous years, sans tree house. The sound was stacked with Funkworks gear, and people were already getting their groove on before the sun had set. We were ready to get our weekend on.

A view from the nest stage at Woogie Weekend 2015

A view from the right side of The Nest Stage.


The Layout

The venue was absolutely perfect for this event. The Do LaB really put thought into the way the camping was laid out in conjunction with the festival grounds. It was a five-minute walk to the stages from the farthest point of the campground, and the layout inside was close enough that a trek from stage to stage took a mere two minutes. What this provided was an intimate feel that allowed you to maintain a sense of adventure throughout the weekend, despite how many times you’ve made the same trek. The distance between stages was just enough to make it seem like each stage was in its own little world, but gave you the ability to walk right over to the other stage if you weren’t grooving with whatever was playing at the time. The little pond separated the stages and was lined with vendors, food trucks, and everything in between, to keep festival goers satisfied.

Our Experience

We had an overwhelmingly incredible adventure over the course of last weekend. Seriously. The Do LaB has a tendency to create a unique world of its own, and that’s exactly what we love about their events. We came in from some of the worst traffic I’d ever seen in LA that Friday and were immediately diffused by incredible vibes, overwhelming enthusiasm, and a sense wonder that is unmatched by any other production company. We spent three days grooving to some badass house music on two of the more intimate stages I experienced at a festival, and not once did I get tired of the atmosphere. When Saturday came around, we got hit with one of the heavier rainstorms Southern California has had in a good while, but the inclement weather was met with open arms. As the Woogie Weekend Twitter stated: “We thrive in the rain.” The slip and slide that was promised via social media was a smash hit with strangers young and old, creating such joyful experiences out of something as simple as a black tarp.



From Crocodiles to Octopi, name animal and hit the Woogie Slide.


The Music

People had been hyping up Pumpkin’s Saturday set from the moment we got in, and even with the torrential downpour upon us, attendees had come in droves to experience the sample-packed love groove that was his set. Everyone was soaked to the bone, dancing it out in the middle of the afternoon without a care in the world, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect example of what a Do LaB event truly is. The whole weekend was stacked with incredible artists that really got the crowd moving, but Pumpkin reigns king of the weekend followed by J. Phlip and then Danny Daze.

One thing that surprised me about this event was the relative lack of art. If you’ve ever attended Lightning in a Bottle, you know that the pieces and the live painters that they bring on board are a staple of the experience. It didn’t take away from the festival for me, but it would have been nice to have had a few installations aside from the spiderweb hammock. That being said, one thing really stood out to us, and that was the art that Daniel from The Street Feather Project was putting around the entire festival. It added a wise, colorful element to the event whenever we came across one of his pieces; big ups, Daniel!


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 3.31.09 PM

One of Daniel’s many pieces of street art scattered throughout the festival!


Overall, it was a hell of a time and a wonderful homage to the famous Woogie Stage. Great times, great venue, great experiences, and great friends really made this whole experience special for us. Now, we’re just anxious to get to The Dirtybird Campout! If it’s going to be anything like Woogie Weekend, I recommend you buy your tickets now.

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